5 Supportive Messages for Your Baby (0 to 12+ months)

Have you tried to imagine what it’s like being a newborn baby? Your only way to call somebody and tell them something is crying. If you’re hungry or need a dry diaper, you’re crying. If you want someone to just be there or talk with you, you’re still crying. You don’t understand the words your parents utter, but do “hear” and “see” their underlying emotions.

I think that babies are phenomenal at knowing how you really feel. Moreover, their own emotions, being at this point beyond words, are much deeper, stronger, and brighter (while for adults words can often serve as a sort of a “shock insulator”). It’s a great chance to experiment with some supportive messages.

These messages might seem obvious, but it’s a good idea to actually focus on them and act truly radiating this mood through our bodies, as we care for our babies. This is the language babies really need from day one:

Message 1: I am happy that you are here. I am happy that you live. I am happy that you exist.

Message 2: You are a part of this world. You belong to this world.

Message 3: You are perfect the way you are. You are amazing the way you are.

Message 4: Your feelings and needs are important to me.

Message 5: You are allowed to feel all your feelings. You are allowed to feel however you like.

Mom and dad can either send them right from their hearts as warm feelings or say them out loud to the baby. I do both most of the times I pick up Sonya.15192713128_944f6056cf_z

Although it can be very tough when the baby is crying, it’s when the tiny one needs these warm and reassuring thoughts the most. Earlier, I shared what mindset helps me feel love and inspiration even at tough times.

These simple messages are vital for fostering our babies’ confidence and ability to live happily and create happy relationships in the future. They are one of the amazing gifts you can give to your baby!

Where Do You Find Strength, or a Mom’s Must-Have


The first months can be a tough time for us moms. We are still recovering after childbirth, we really need rest and sleep, and might be questioning ourselves whether we are good moms after all, if our babies are crying that much…

For me, the key is to keep the bigger picture, the Goal, in mind at all times. Any motivational psychologist can tell you this. Setting goals is crucial in life. A goal is what gives you energy, direction, and impetus.

Not only a good, loving goal keeps you going, but it also fills you with meaning and happiness. This is when a miracle happens, and your body is no longer a regular tired organism that needs sleep or peace. Your heart is pumping not blood but pure love through your veins, and you can do what you’ve never thought was possible!

What is your goal as a mom? Most likely, our goals are similar. Mine is to raise a happy and healthy individual. It’s a simple phrase, but to do so, I need specific knowledge, which I have started acquiring during my pregnancy.

Modern psychologists say that the first 18 months of life is a time when confidence and faith (or lack of thereof) are being formed on the deepest and most basic level. It is how a newborn feels during this stage of life that defines whether this baby will grow into a confident individual who can trust people, or, on the contrary, will become a suspicious and insecure person who is often anxious and suffering because can’t open up even with the loved ones.

The battle for confidence starts right here, at a newborn’s cradle. Babies are pure emotions and they read our emotions much better than we can imagine, so if a mom is irritated and unhappy when her newborn baby is wailing away, the tiny one knows it. For newborns, mommy is their source of life and is perfect “beyond all suspicion” – they will never “think” she is “bad”. Their “conclusion” in the form of a strong, permeating emotion above words (which makes it much much stronger!) will always be, “I am unwanted. I am unloved. I am a nuisance to someone I need and love most”.

Where can an exhausted mom get energy to radiate the love her baby needs from her? From the Goal. If we know that right now, we are laying a foundation for our baby to become a happy, confident person, this is something very powerful.

This is how I feel: “I am not just changing a diaper here. By feeling love and by caring of my baby with love, I am fostering her confidence, self-esteem, and faith.”

Such mindset allows us to “broadcast” certain emotions and messages to our babies in reply to their crying, as we approach them and take them in our arms.

Goals is what ultimately drives us as human beings. If I as a mom understand that it is not just some biological need in my baby I am tending to, but first and foremost, a quest for inner happiness and confidence, I have enough energy to be there fully aware and loving. Filled with so much energy in this particular moment – the moment that will, in the end, influence my child’s destiny. My Goal recharges me with the power to give pure love right from my heart into the baby’s.